One risk factor that outsourcers and their clients have to contend with is cultural compatibility. At times, cultural gaps and barriers can be a hurdle to a successful outsourcing relationship.

Here are 3 key management principles enterprises and executives must apply especially when engaged or applying to engage in an outsourcing engagement, particularly to an off-shore destination.

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India is a country that is large in potential, large in people whose rich and diverse culture and traditions spring deep from ancient history and run deeper within the veins of modern Indian society and business.

Here are four general insights, gathered from web resources, to help one understand and appreciate the people who make India the leader of the global outsourcing industry today.

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Changes are happening in China that can affect the information and communications technology landscape of not only in Asia but also to the rest of the world.

With the sheer size of its economic capacity and vast human resources, the country is already a force to be reckoned with.  China’s government and its business sectors focus more and more on infrastructure development, training their people in acquiring competent technical skills and communication (English proficiency is now mandatory for earning B.A. and M.A. college degrees) as well as  enhancing their Internet connectivity.

The country is on the rise to becoming a superpower in IT services outsourcing industry by possibly when the millennium reaches its first decade.

Despite these improvements, there are several risk factors that serve as barrier for China in being a business destination for prospective growth. These risk factors can all be boiled down to one thing: China’s business culture.

To make the most of what China has to offer for the savvy IT entrepreneur; cheap but technically-skilled labor, government policies protective of private ownership and intellectual property and physical proximity to solid and growing markets in Asia, the knowledge of Chinese business practices and negotiation strategies is a definite requirement.

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