One risk factor that outsourcers and their clients have to contend with is cultural compatibility. At times, cultural gaps and barriers can be a hurdle to a successful outsourcing relationship.

Here are 3 key management principles enterprises and executives must apply especially when engaged or applying to engage in an outsourcing engagement, particularly to an off-shore destination.

Remember, it is a two-way street.

To fully address cultural barriers, it is best to remember that it takes at least, two to communicate, to understand and achieve a result.

But it only needs one to lead that initiative for understanding and comprehension.  Lead that initiative.

Practice cultural awareness constantly

In line with the first principle, you must extend effort to remain aware of the similarities and differences between cultures. Nothing must be taken for granted but one must strive and learn not to be hindered by personal cultural perspectives that have been ingrained since birth.

Shift your individual thinking

How we see other people and their differences is merely a point of view.

Each culture brings in its unique perspective, and that can be useful in coming up with solutions to deal with complex problems. However we have the tendency to receive and respond to other cultures through our own judgments and prejudices. These biases have to be let go, to accept each other.

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