Companies, personalities, organizations around the world have chosen social networking as part of efforts to expand their presence and exposure online.  Social networks like Facebook and its Facebook pages are at the forefront of gathering support and connections for a brand, a cause or a celebrity.

If a particular Facebook page has 10,000 fans or “likes”; that’s the significant point towards a brand’s success.

Here are some prized and proven strategies gain a high following for a brand or organization’s Facebook page.

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Know your Outsourcing.

Outsourcing Opinions provide comprehensive articles and analyses on the current news and information, from world media agencies and authoritative sources, regarding outsourcing and business.

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Global Advertising firm Grey Group-Asia Pacific CEO and chairman Nirvik Singh shares his business insights on whether large and medium enterprises should cut back on advertising to save costs in the face of the global financial recession.



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The bridge.

More than just a convenience of conveyance. More than a product of human ingenuity and endeavor. It is a testament of humanity’s ability to overcome obstacles be it a stream, a river, a gorge or even a sea. It also symbolizes the human need to connect to each other, to travel and for the benefit of this article, to trade.

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