Success can be defined in many ways, but when coupled with “outsourcing” there can only be definite descriptions.

Here are some:

Successful outsourcing extends a company’s management team and adds capacity and diversity to the organization, on an as-needed basis.

Successful outsourcing allows companies to become more agile and quickly react to changes in the environment, the market place or competitive threats.

Successful outsourcing allows companies to become more focused on core strategies.

Successful outsourcing allows organizations to focus on clients and intellectual properties when certain processes and competencies are outsourced to service providers who specialize in those processes and competencies.

Successful outsourcing enables companies to become more in control of their organization processes and functions; duplicate processes are eliminated, common standards are communicated and implemented.

Successful outsourcing brings added value in the forms of new process improvements, cross-industry applications, improved quality in services or products.

Successful outsourcing is derived from strategic objectives of the companies involved in the outsourcing relationship: the client organization and service provider. In these cases, both companies grow and improve as they establish a win-win situation that becomes the foundation for a mutually beneficial partnership.

Successful outsourcing integrate solutions in relationships; direction, plans and cross-functional approaches are shared to solve problems.

Successful outsourcing is when risk and rewards are shared between partners to achieve and abide superior performance and productivity.


Outsourcing Solutions, Inc. – Outsourcing that Works!


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