According to global business process outsourcing giant Convergys, the Philippines’ contact center industry must invest more in training and technology, if the country is to keep its leading position in the sector.

The Philippines is the world leader in the contact center segment of the global BPO industry, employing over 700,000 agents nationwide.

Transactions today now grow in complexity, due in part to the increased use of smart mobile devices and because more and more transactions can now be done online on a self-service basis.

Clients who reach contact center agents are those who require help. This trend’s advent demands that contact centers keep up with the evolving technology and train their employees with the latest tools and skills.

Despite this emerging global shift toward more technology-aided transactions, it is predicted that the need for qualified contact center agents would still continue.

The quality of service provided by call center employees based in the Philippines is due to the country’s large English-speaking population and the ready supply of talent that the BPO industry could tap.

The superior service delivered by our team here and around the globe enables us to sustain growth and build stronger relationships with existing and new clients. As an industry leader, this allows us to lead in job creation and in providing opportunities for people to grow.”

— Andrea Ayers, Convergys president and CEO.



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