The Philippines is an emerging top off-shoring destination for Australian firms.

The business process outsourcing (BPO) services currently outsourced to the Philippines are back-office processing, customer interaction, information technology services, and finance services.

The Philippines is the ideal offshore destination for Australian firms for business solutions and services, because of the following factors:

Cost Advantage

Outsourcing to the Philippines has its advantages in cost of operations, especially because of its low labor rates.


Specialists in their fields.

Australian firms that outsource to the Philippines can reap further benefits, because of the broad array of specialized services available in the country’s workforce. In the Philippines, there are experts in every required area of business, science and technology.


Time Zone.

The time difference between the Philippines and Australia is minimal, give or take 2 to 3 hours. This means is that both in-house and the offshore teams will be able to conduct business in daytime shifts.

Many Philippine BPO films prefer to work with Australian clients, the daytime shift will encourage more employee productivity and improved job performance.


Australia and the Philippines make sound and sustainable business strategy for success!


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