The global shared services sector and the significance of information technology grows; without limit, particularly in the Philippines.

The country is recognized as the world’s leader in voice operations, but other sectors in the business process industry are not to be outdone as the Philippines places second in the list of outsourcing destinations.


The high demand for voice operations keeps service providers from expansion into other service sectors, such as software development. However, industry players push forward to more high value business process operations and go beyond contact centers.

Aside from voice and IT services, healthcare information management is the another fastest-growing sector.

The industry’s roadmap today aims to work on the country’s available talent, ecosystem, country branding and thought leadership.

The country’s academe produces graduates, who can globally compete with competencies in service management.

The academe is also by working with different sectors of the industry to develop service management courses with specializations via a partnership with the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority.

The country’s attractiveness as an investment destination is supported by a government, which builds a better ecosystem for the industry and which encourage investors to capitalize in the Philippines’ next wave cities.

There’s potential for Information Technology and Business Process in the Philippines to grow bigger in the coming years.


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