Auditing firm Grant Thornton International’s 2013 first-quarter International Business Report (IBR) reflects the surge in business optimism in the Philippines.

The Philippines with an optimism “balance” of 90%, ranked world’s 2nd in the list of most optimistic business leaders – up from 4th most optimistic in 2012 first-quarter survey.

Filipino business executives are more upbeat about economic prospects, with a majority expecting to see higher investments approved by government agencies this year. Expectations for profitability and revenues among Philippine businesses were both up 10 percentage points.

The survey noted several positive forecasts for the country by independent economists.

There was good basis for the surge in optimism. The country got its first-ever investment-grade status from global credit watcher Fitch Rating on March 27, 2013. Philippine businesses picked up on the improving mood in the United States of America and Japan.


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