In its “Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations Report for 2013”, Tholons lists Cebu City, Philippines in 8th place.

This is a notch higher from the city’s ranking in 2012.

Tholons ranked Cebu City based on its quality, availability and skills of the workers in its BPO industry, cost of operations, infrastructure, cost of living, risk profile and quality of life, among others.

According to the report, the Philippines enjoy a more vibrant Information Technology (IT)-BPO industry than either Indonesia or Malaysia.

Aside from Cebu, six other Philippine destinations were included in the list. Manila is now third, moving up from fourth last year. Davao ranked number 70; Sta. Rosa, Laguna, 84; Iloilo City, 93; Bacolod City, 94; and Baguio City, 99.


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