Industry players collaborate and focus on growth opportunities in the Philippines’ outsourcing industry, as  protectionist legislation in the United States and other countries is not a threat.

Protectionism might be “a modest concern”, as companies which outsource their operations or services would always find ways to maintain their profitability.

This was brought up during a panel discussion titled: “Threats and Challenges: Should protectionism be a genuine concern for the global service delivery business?” at the 4th International Outsourcing Summit held in Makati City yesterday.

The local outsourcing industry is encouraged to boost its value chain through collaboration, to focus on growth opportunities and certain areas where it could excel, like financial and healthcare services.

The government plays a major role to the growth of the Philippines’ outsourcing  sector, through legislation, building up infrastructure, training of human resources in different parts of the Philippines to be ready for the sector.

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Venzon, Cliff. "Outsourcing industry urged to unite."
8 October 2012. BusinessWorld Online. 
Accessed 10 October 2012. Link Here.


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