New York-based and NASDAQ-listed business process outsourcing (BPO) service provider ExlService Holdings Ltd. expands to Cebu by 2013.

The company plans to add at least 1,000 seats to its local operations; which are two offices in the Mall of Asia Complex in Pasay City that have a total of 1,722 seats and 1,800 employees.

The company started operations in the Philippines in 2008.


“At least 500 seats will be up in Cebu by first quarter next year. Cebu has the biggest labor pool after Manila and the people have superior language skills”.

— JAIDEEP ANIL PRADHAN, Senior Vice-President and Country Manager of EXL Service Philippines, Inc.


EXL Service Philippines operates voice and non-voice services for 13 US-based firms engaged in the insurance, health care, transport, travel and logistics, finance, and accounting sectors.

Aside from the Philippines, the company operates in India, US, Czech Republic, Romania, Malaysia and Bulgaria.

With about 15,000 agents, ExlService’s bulk of its operations is in India,

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