Cebu, Philippines – The tremendous growth of smartphone usage in the world fuels the production of mobile applications, making it a lucrative opportunity for local developers and start-up technopreneurs in the Philippines.

Software products such as games, musical content and applications, backed up by the great talent of local software engineers, could be a huge export market for the Philippines.

Even with low financial resources, a small team of Filipino software engineers can take advantage of the demand for digital products in the global market along with other developers in advanced countries.

“Software development is a one billion industry with 50,000 employees. If we grow four or six times more, it would increase the Gross Domestic Product of the country per employee and we would get six times better by 2020.

“If we have more Filipino apps in the market, there is a higher chance that one will make it big. We still don’t have something similar to Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja but once we have a Philippine application that is world-renowned, then we would make it!”

• ALVIN GENDRANO, director of Microsoft Philippines’ Developer and Platform Group

There are different segments in the mobile application that developers can choose to specialize.

They can develop apps for lifestyle, entertainment, enterprises, healthcare and gaming. Success in the industry depends on skills, determination and passion to build quality software products.

“You have to work more, fail more, and produce more. Don’t be scared of failing since failure gives you a higher opportunity towards success. Software development doesn’t need a lot of investment. It just requires what’s within your brain and your passion,” he said.

• JEFFREY RAPES, Chief executive officer, Exist Inc.

Now is a ripe opportunity for the mobile applications development in Cebu Philippines.


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