Cebu, Philippines – As a response to the recommendations from outsourcing and global business consultancy Tholons, the Cebu Investments and Promotions Center (CIPC) leads the implementation of several programs to maximize potential in advancing growth in the Business Process Outsourcing and Information Technology (BPO-IT) sector.

According to Tholon, Cebu has to continuously develop its talent supply, maximize BPO segment and capabilities.

Cebu’s strength is recognized in the customer support and call center services, administration and back office; data processing and transcription.

Significantly, Cebu can further its growth in the BPO-IT sector by escalating its capabilities in the Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO).

Tholon states Cebu’s strong potential in the KPO segment; in research and development (R&D), financial and insurance research, paralegal content, medical content, biotech and pharmaceuticals.

Another important priority is to attract new markets for Cebu’s IT-BPO, and KPO segments.

The business environment in Cebu is already conducive to BPO investors, however more work still needs to be done.

Cebu consistently improves infrastructure designed for BPO investors, with careful attention on managing the cost of doing business, and be on its toes to manage the manpower supply problem.

Cebu is challenged to specify its niche in the global BPO market. What can the province offer that investors worldwide cannot find in other provinces in the country, other nations in the Asia-Pacific and around the world?.

There are many multinational companies around world, looking at Cebu; a top 10 Emerged BPO Destination, to expand their operations but question Cebu’s human resources as established BPO companies in Cebu are vocal with their challenges to hire and retain adequate staff to meet their business demand.

This challenge of ‘shortage’ of BPO human capital is not unique only for Cebu, but it’s a nationwide issue.

With this challenge to provide quality human resources needed by industry players, the local government and the stakeholders, including the support sectors such as academe, should strongly work together address this issue.

BPO players sustain collaborative efforts, as well as implement strong “management expectation” program.

Tholon’s roadmap for Cebu IT and BPO sectors is now being implemented by CIPC, together with industry stakeholders and local government.


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