The Cebu Investment and Promotions Center (CIPC) partners with the European Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines (ECCP) to draw in outsourcing investments from countries in Europe.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Cebu prepares to market itself to global markets or regions, other than that of the United States.

The BPO sector in the Philippines starts exploring outsourcing prospects outside the US in order to constantly thrive.

The CIPC-ECCP partnership was forged last year, when both organizations launched promotions of Cebu as an ideal BPO destination for companies and enterprises based in the United Kingdom.

The United States is still the largest client case for the Philippine BPO sector, outsourcing is a global business, and that other non-US multinationals see the Philippines as a prized destination for business investment and outsourcing services.

Last 2011, there were fourteen new BPO companies that came to Cebu that sought the services for CIPC. At present, nearly 70,000 workers are employed in the BPO sector in Cebu. Of this population, 57% work as call center agents.


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