Business process outsourcing (BPO) remains to be Cebu province’s major economic driver, and is primed to expand even further in the year 2012 and beyond.

BPO service providers are persistently brought in to Cebu City, because of its vigorous business environment and skilled talent pool. Cebu’s talent pool for IT and BPO companies is provided for by the city’s nine university campuses.

There’s an expected 20 percent increase in the current 50,000 workforce with the further completion of office buildings within Cebu IT and Business Park Districts.

For clients in the North America and Europe, the BPO industry in Cebu is a viable destination in Asia where these companies can recover after the 2008 global economic crisis. The industry continues to offer opportunities.

For example, global outsourcing firm Aegis People Support unveiled its own Aegis Tower Cebu at the Cebu IT Park in the last quarter of 2011. The decision to build its own captive facility in Cebu is a sign of Aegis People Support’s commitment and confidence in the Philippines’ BPO industry and Cebu’s workforce.

Another major outsourcing company, Stream Global, is reported as hiring 60 to 70 employees on a weekly basis. One more outsourcing services company, Convergys, is also expanding with new office premises in Cebu.

Some of the firms that expanded in Cebu last 2011 include HP, Fluor Daniels, Dell and JP Morgan & Chase.

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