Cebu, Philippines. Companies recognize the value of their employees in the success of business. This is why they take in account the culture, work practices and values of their employees.

Some national cultures develop ideal professionals, dedicated to the assigned tasks and focused on achieving objectives in return of proper incentives.

Get to know what sort of professionals, the Philippine national culture produces.

The Philippine national culture is identified as a “collectivist” culture, indicated by close family and community ties in society. Therefore, Filipino professionals can easily integrate and work together in groups.

Filipino workers in particular consider good pay to be paramount, good job security next important.

Filipino professionals also look for job satisfaction, for work that meet their abilities, earns them respect and a sense of achievement.

Coming in last place is good work hours. Filipino professionals do not mind working for the extra mile as long as their time and effort is well-rewarded and appreciated by their employers.

Organizations can consider these unique work values in working with Filipino professionals, in designing reward systems, engagement programs, and strategies for motivating their Filipino employees.

To attract the Filipino worker and keep him/her loyal, companies can offer high starting pay and solid retirement plans.

It is also best to keep in mind that national culture is not the only factor to consider achieving the best performance from Filipino employees.

There are other factors such as individual differences and socio-economic status, education and training can play roles in people’s job commitment and performance.


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SOURCE: Fernandez, Patricia. "Employee work values."
18 April 2011. The Philippine Daily Inquirer.
Accessed 27 December 2011. Link here.


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