The immediate passage of Senate Bill (SB) No. 3071 or the “Philippine Design Competitiveness Act” will support to the country’s the creative industry and generate jobs.

The bill will institutionalize a national design policy framework to develop the Philippines’ design initiatives, innovations, and competitiveness.

The Philippines is a rich breeding ground of creative talents. Creativity is a unique gift of every Filipino. It is our asset, our national pride. The bill will uplift the state of our Philippine design industry by establishing a design-led economy where we may generate jobs and livelihood for our people, maintain our competitive edge in the global market, and echo our collective pride in our culture and heritage…

–Senator Manuel Villar, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Trade and Commerce and proponent/sponsor of Senate Bill 3071, or the Philippine Design Competitiveness Act.

The propose bill is a focused, strategic, integrated and cohesive master plan for design industries to thrive efficiently.

Even with the deep pool of creative talents in the country, the Philippines trails after other Asian nations. Homegrown talents are wooed and employed in neighboring countries such as China, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

The bill will implement an enabling environment that permits the various sectors of the design industry to increase productivity, enhance visibility in the global market, boost competitiveness and improve the level of innovation of creatives.

The bill also leads to the rebirth of the Product Development and Design Center of the Philippines as the Design Center of Philippines to promote and develop the local design industry.

The center also creates awareness in communities that design fosters innovation and sustainability, and strengthens local businesses and society.

The bill institutionalizes the intellectual property protection in the field of design for Filipino creative designers and manufacturers.

A comprehensive and strong implementation of IP protection is a requirement by both local and foreign investors in establishing start-up companies that can increase the level of innovation in the country.


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