Cebu’s outsourcing industry goes on its second phase to further maximize the potential of its business process outsourcing (BPO) and IT-related services.

This second phase will look deep into what the province needs to get to higher level from an emerged BPO destination to an established global destination for Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO).

The Philippines outsourcing industry currently dominates as the ideal destination for voice related services.

BPO service providers in Cebu can take advantage of the province’s potential to provide excellent KPO services. Though the training for the ideal human resources and professionals for this high valued service, the revenue the province can achieve would be as huge as that of voice related work.

The Cebu BPO/IT sector now employs more or less 60 thousand people, only a small percentage of these dedicated professional perform KPO work such as software development, animation, and graphics.

Cebu has versatile human resources, technically and skillfully capable to work in accounting, human resource, and medical services, legal and financial consultations.

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Source: Dagooc, Ehda. "Outsourcing industry to start 2nd phase of BPO roadmap."
22 December 2011. The Freeman. Accessed 22 December 2011. Link Here


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