Recently, news network CNN International covers the Philippines as the “Call Center King”, with emphasis on the high-booming Cebu province, overstepping India as the ideal destination for voice-based work due to the trainable, vocally-flexible (accent-free) Filipino workforce. The country’s call centers take advantage of well-educated middle class Filipinos, employ them to answer and make phone calls during the night to address customers’ needs in an another timezone away.

The Philippines’ human resources in urban centers in the country can do more, that the Philippines can take its call-center driven business process outsourcing industry to a whole new level of success.

The Philippines isn’t just the ideal destination for voice-based services,¬†as Filipino professionals can deliver more value to multinational clients than just answering phones and dealing with angry complaints.

With this recognition for quality voice services that we deliver comes the advantage of many companies becoming accustomed to doing business in the Philippines and trusting Filipino firms to deliver excellent services and produce successful results.

Now, more multinationals are inquiring BPO providers in the Philippines for more sophisticated, higher-value services in IT systems integration and software application management.

It is projected that BPO Philippines and the Filipino IT and Business professionals can deliver cost-efficient, innovative solutions and services.

Being so successful for the last decade, the Philippines’ BPO service providers can also provide consultation for foreign clients in how to establish improved customer relations management, finance and process innovation, talent organization and performance strategies that they can apply in their own companies to achieve the levels at which these BPO companies serve.

These high-end, knowledge-based services is the way forward for any industry, and the Philippines’ business environment has been a prized testing ground as well as lucrative source for such innovations.


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