Taking advantage of the productive highly-skilled knowledge-worker pool in Cebu, Philippines and the changing landscape in the world’s outsourcing sector, locally-owned outsourcing firms expand their services to different clients.

Outsourcing services providers in Cebu, such as those with skilled personnel in basic documentation, word and data processing and medical transcription, now venture into the wide knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) sector, focusing on providing services for customized business solutions, market intelligence and research, technical and marketing support, among others.

Today these outsourcing services providers offer diverse outsourcing services to current and potential clients, with further aims to increase and improve knowledge-based workers in the next few months, to provide solutions that beyond good English communication, towards higher technical, analytic and design skills required in back-room outsourcing operations.

The challenge now for local service providers is “customized customer service,” as well as effective market intelligence for clients who want to expand globally.

This niche in the market is now waiting to be taken advantage.

The business process outsourcing sector in Cebu, whose providers have have established themselves in the United States market, is now aimed to enter emerging markets in Knowledge Process Outsourcing, in Australia, United Kingdom and China. There are other potential markets in Europe, like Germany and Switzerland for outsourcing services.


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