Cebu City, Philippines – Multinational outsourcing services provider Aegis PeopleSupport pushes its plans to establish a Global Academy by first identifying the level of interest among target markets for the planned educational facility as well as examining the kind of curriculum to be offered.

The company currently eyes the South Road Properties(SRP) as the ideal site for its Global Academy and at present, is in talks with the Cebu City government, the SRP Management and with the local academe.

The Aegis Global Academy in Cebu aims to address what seems to be a shortage in quality human resources for local BPO service providers. This venture requires strong coordination and partnership with the academe and local government.

Even before this, Aegis People Support and the Cebu City government is presently involved in a joint training program to provide free training for citizens. The five-week skills development training is similar to People Support’s human resources development facility, Aspire People Solutions Inc.

As Cebu’s human resources improve, Cebu’s bid for new wave of outsourcing, Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) whose standards and skill requirements are much higher than the call-center voice services.

With investment banks and financial organizations in the United States trusting their client data and services to third parties, the Philippines has the means to secure this multi-million-dollar industry, as long as there’s sufficient, qualified personnel available.


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