Social networking is one of the most active web-based activities in the Philippines. There must be a gene in Filipinos that make them good social networkers. After all, Filipinos made Friendster popular and are among the top users of Multiply.

Filipinos are among the biggest users of Multiply, particularly in setting up e-commerce sites. From the 170,000 Multiply merchant accounts, about 59 percent come from the Philippines.

Recent statistics show that up to 90 percent of all Internet users in the Philippines are in Facebook. This roughly translates to more than 20 million Filipinos. Filipinos are on also very active in Twitter.

As it has become part of Filipino cyberculture, social networking has become so extensive in the Philippines that the country has been tagged as “The Social Networking Capital of the World,”

Social networking is also used in the Philippines as a form of mass media communications, current billboards and advertisements in the country show that products and brands are now actively maintaining Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Then there’s Google Plus, launched about two months ago, as Google’s foray into social networking. Google Plus quickly racked up over 25 million members in its first month. And for sure, a large number of those members are Filipinos.

The Filipinos’ penchant for social networking can be traced in the people’s culture of “friends helping friends.” For a Filipino, fifty friends is just too small. For Filipinos, their friends and who they know can become more valuable than money, especially when what they need can be achieved through favors, and friendship among others.

If one, a company or organization, would consider getting a virtual assistant to help with the product or brand’s social media campaign, perhaps there is no one with the better affinity with social networking than a virtual assistant from the Philippines.

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