When business goes bad, personnel or staff training is the first in-house activity to be taken out as it is seen as a “cost activity”. In many cases, training has been seen to fail to deliver the desired results. It is important to understand that what is required is “better” training; training that will have a sustainable impact on the business.

Management is responsible for the success or failure of trainings.  Senior management should provide post support mechanisms that ensure the training becomes meaning and sustainable. As training means development, it will be only successful only if it’s monitored and sustained through management support.

The responsibility for the success of the training rests on the shoulders of the trainer not the trainee.

Here are ways to improve how training is facilitated to assure value returns.

Link training to a specific strategic or tactical goal. With a clear purpose of what training aims to develop, the participant senses what s/he is being trained for and how it relates to achieving the strategic or tactical objectives of his/her job, role and responsibilities.

Bridge through communication. It is also important to communicate what changes or development that need to happen, with emphasis on what the participants will do and not what they will not do.

Involve peer support. Other than senior management support, peer support is equally important. It is necessary that peer coaching be integrated into the program.

Provide post learning information and tools. These are necessary to facilitate and reinforce ongoing peer to peer, as well as supervisor to trainee coaching.

Do not apply pressure. It is a reasonable expectation that managers want immediate results from training programs, but take care since if pressures to deliver results mount, the trainee could revert to the old ways of doing things to enable quick but sub-optimal results.

This then creates a vicious cycle that nullifies the benefits of the training.

Celebrate and reward progress, big or small. For any successful change implementation, celebration is one of the best actions that senior management can take to reinforce behavioral change.

Successful training does not end with the completion of the training program; it signals the beginning of lifelong relevant learning that will make a difference in the business.

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