Global energy management firms looks to Asia, especially Cebu-Philippines, as a growth area for energy management solutions.

The country has done strong efforts in energy efficiency and conservation as energy-intensive companies in the Philippines adopt best practices and energy-efficient technologies.

New economies in the Asia Pacific regions have the strongest potential for direct, new investments; as its economies were less affected when recession hit major economies like the United States in 2008.

There is a growing demand for energy management solutions across all industries in the Philippines, since energy prices increased. Energy demands are projected to double by 2030, of which 70 percent would come from new economies.

There is a strong pressure on conserving energy. Companies can save up to 25% on operation costs if energy-efficient technologies are adopted. These technologies are applicable to energy-intensive companies, like manufacturing and data centers.

Integrated energy management solutions can help companies operate efficiently on less energy.

A lot of companies have been looking at Cebu as an ideal area for expansion, thus there is a strong demand for energy management solutions for all segments in growing industries like business process outsourcing.


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