The biggest challenge in the Philippines’ gaming industry is not sales, it’s the lack of talents. To sustain the growth of the game development industry in the Philippines, skilled talents should be produced.

The global gaming industry is currently estimated to be worth USD67 billion and is expected to reach USD112 billion by 2015.

The Philippines has the potential but has not maximized its opportunities, unlike other countries like Russia, India, Korea and China, among others.

To address this, the Game Development Association of the Philippines (GDAP) has forged linkages with the government and the academe for the creation of a curriculum for game development.

Industry players expect to grow exponentially due to the rising demand in game development outsourcing.

The sustained rise of multiple console and PC platforms, increasing Internet and broadband penetration globally, and the growth of casual games in the mobile/handheld platforms will continue to drive robust consumer demand.

Among the typical game development projects for Filipino game developers are end-to-end game developments or segments of game production such as concept art designs, character generation and design (typically 3D), in-game animation, game testing and quality control and game community support.

Filipino game developers have cultural inclinations, creativity, excellent communication, intelligence and dynamism that are advantages over others, along with talents that can easily be trained. What is needed is to double efforts in building and producing skilled talents for the industry.

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