Following the implementation of Executive Order 47, which transferred the former Commission on Information and Communication Technology (CICT) and two other attached agencies (now called the ICT Office) under the DOST, a medium-term development plan for ICT research and development and its linkages to the ICT industry.

There will also be a survey of selected towns will complement the next-wave cities that the government and industry partners charted for expansion of the high-flying BPO sector.

Maybe it’s just me, but wasn’t these the regular annual duties of the CICT? Even with their sparse funds and human resources, the CICT already developed a long term strategy that includes the numerous programs and projects in e-government, cyber-services, human capital, and information infrastructure as well as various pending partnerships with academe, local stakeholders, and industry associations that all serve to harness the Philippines’ potential with the use of ICT.

And now the DOST’s ICT Office is going to ignore all those months’ and years’ of devoted work and planning just so as they can start on their own? Even with this obvious head-start, they decide to go back, back beyond the starting line and make their own surveys, research and from there, make strategies?

Isn’t that a monumental waste of effort, and time? Why not continue on the good work that the CICT has built on?


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