From doing things right in 2010, the Philippines’ information technology-business process outsourcing (IT-BPO) sector aims for bigger opportunities by 2016.

Filipinos are as good as anybody in the world. Local developers are trainable and are technically sound, with a few areas for progress and maturity.

With the US market still the biggest IT market, Filipino developers are good with collaboration and communication, having an excellent command of English. When projects are received from the US, the Filipinos don’t need translators, they can communicate directly with the American client, partners and engineers.

Good developers can actually shift technologies. It takes time and training but ingenuity can come from the right experiences, it spells the difference between a senior developer and a junior one.

To gain experience, local developers need to get more exposure to projects from beginning to end. Local developers only handle bits and pieces in a lot of projects as a lot of the client companies are just sending out maintenance work.

The experience is different from a developer’s and technologist’s point of view. Exposure to bigger applications, bigger globally-used or certified projects can bring on the experience that nurtures ingenuity.



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