Disappointed by the recent implementation of Executive Order (EO) 47, which reorganizes, renames and transfers the Commission on Information and Communications Technology (CICT) and its attached agencies to the Department of Science and Technology, stakeholders in the business process outsourcing (BPO) and information communication technology (ICT) sectors say that the executive order will cause a setback in the sector’s ICT development .

A position paper in opposition to EO 47 was signed by major ICT/BPO organizations around the country, including Cebu Educational Development Foundation for IT (CEDFIT), Bacolod-Negros Occidental Federation for ICT (BNEFIT), Cagayan de Oro ICT Council (CDO ICT), Davao City Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Southern Luzon Technological College Foundation Inc., Cavite State University, and Iloilo Federation for Information Technology, the group are united in appealing to the President to reconsider the EO 47.

The private BPO and ICT stakeholders claim to have not been invited to a public consultation regarding the EO 47.

Despite the several pronouncements made by DOST, assuring sector’s stakeholders to introduce and implement programs to further develop the ICT/BPO sector, players maintained fears that the downgrade of CICT to a mere attached agency, threatens the Philippines bid to be in the forefront of the multi-billion-dollar ICT and outsourcing market.

“By scrapping the CICT, EO 47 shows that the process leading to the decision was not consultative and sensitive to the real sentiments of the ICT stakeholders especially in the local areas, undertaken suddenly and without warning, seemingly attended with manifest bad faith, and will eventually result to grave and serious damage on the thriving ICT community ably-assisted by the CICT, government’s most devoted emissary that has effectively partnered with the private sector for the last ten years,” states the appeal/position paper.

… EO 47 has also scrapped the numerous programs and projects under its four strategic groups, namely, e-government, cyber-services, human capital, and information infrastructure as well as various pending partnerships with academe, local stakeholders, and industry associations that all serve to harness the Philippines’ potential with the use of ICT.”

Likewise, by scrapping the CICT, it will cut the vital link of the Philippine government to the international ICT community, to various global ICT organizations as well as to local ICT groups, who advocates their respective regional and provincial areas.

The proponents of the EO 47 opposition paper aims to gather at least 6,000 petitioners against the implementation of the said executive order

Excluding students, 600,000 of the country’s workforce are employed in the BPO and ICT sectors.

There will be a vigorous campaign for BPO employees, students and other stakeholders in the petition to create a Department of ICT through a virtual petition site.

This idea was conceptualized after several discussions and meetings held by the prime movers in the BPO/ICT industry in Davao.


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