International outsourcing business advisory Tholons trusts Cebu, Philippines is developing further as the premier outsourcing destination in Asia through the improvement of six key areas: 1) workforce, 2) infrastructure, 3) cost, 4) risk profile, 5) business catalyst and the 6) quality of life.

Cebu has made its mark in the global outsourcing industry, graduating in the list of “emerged” cities after constantly topping the “emerging” list for several years.

In assessing Cebu’s human resources, Tholons facilitated a study in which five hundred people from the local BPO industry and the academe were chosen as respondents.

In the business process outsourcing category, Cebu respondents scored well in verbal communication, analytical skills and attention to detail.

In the knowledge process outsourcing category, Cebuanos present their potential on their quantitative abilities.

In information technology outsourcing, Cebuanos show promising aptitude in analytical and quantitative abilities.

The results of the study show that Cebuano students and employees can compete globally, with still some areas for further growth and development.

During the Cebu ICT and BPO Conference 2011, key players in BPO Cebu assure delegates that the island province will get even better as a global outsourcing hub.

Cebu will strengthen its workforce by identifying its bright spots and multiplying them. Schools in Cebu will improve the fundamental skill sets of graduates, significantly increasing their qualifications.

Among the emerged outsourcing city destinations— Cebu has the smallest population, has continued government support, a dynamically-active academe sector with a strong partnership with the private sector, a sustained interest from locators and double digit growth rates for employment and revenues. These factors set Cebu apart from other cities around the world.

With the very same teamwork the different stakeholders have showed, Cebu’s top position in outsourcing will remain solid.

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