A Human Resources (HR) forum was recently held in the Philippines that gathered HR practitioners from various industries, including information technology (IT) and business process outsourcing (BPO), to discuss effective HR management and talent development to help drive growth of companies in the region.

Key findings were presented in the study, “Harnessing Human Capital for Successful Regionalization in Asia.” ┬áThis study was the product of surveys facilitated by global business and IT solutions company, Accenture.

The findings of the study indicate that companies succeed and grow in Asia when a global mindset at every level is cultivated, focus on the development of three key success drivers:

1. Develop local leaders;
2. Nurture diverse teams, and;
3. Facilitate collaboration.

Companies must effectively manage their personnel, developing skills and potential of its employees.

Strategies for integrated talent management must be defined and implemented, strategies that not only incorporates leadership development, but holistically integrates with talent identification and talent movement, thereby providing all employees a meaningful career experience.



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