Cebu, Philippines has a lot of potential. When several companies decided to expand, they went to Cebu after encountering difficulty hiring people in Manila.

Initially the headquarters of many quality assurance/testing and tech support facilities for these companies, Cebu has proven its potential through its still untapped pool for software engineers and developers.

As the industry thrives, a regular supply of skilled, qualified workers is being met. Cebu’s central location is an advantage in human resources as personnel can be acquired from the Visayas and Mindanao island groups of the archipelago.

Also, schools in Cebu are taking priorities to teach basic requirements like in-depth conception of design, problem-solving skills, analytical skills, with the encouragement of a good learning attitude. When graduates have the strong foundation of basic technical knowledge, aptitude for learning, no software development language is difficult.

The academe is open to collaboration with companies to ensure their education provides the skilled personnel the company needs. This works both ways; students are guaranteed proper employment while employers are guaranteed qualified personnel.

The Cebu government and its officials are also helpful of industry. Cebu City funds scholars in studies in information technology.

There has been a large decline in academic interest and investments in computer science, particularly in Philippine universities. The decline can be based on the unclear career path for IT students. For people in computer science and related IT courses, sometimes it’s not clear where they are going.

One organization has played a key role in bridging industry requirement and academic programs, the Cebu Educational Development Foundation for Information Technology (CEDF-IT).

CEDF-IT has successfully played a very critical role in getting the academe and BPO-IT industry together, especially in the very early years when things were starting up in Cebu.

Since the industry and academe now collaborate directly, even without CEDF-IT, the organization needs to reassess its role– in the direction on raising awareness, funds and focus on human capital development to better serve the industry.

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