Cebu’s creative sector gains a foothold to maximize its world-class potential as visual artists are encouraged to help the industry establish connections with concerned agencies.

The Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM) of the Department of Trade and Industry in the Philippines has included the visual arts in its budget, through inviting visual artists to participate in the world trade fairs, and promote their works to the international market.

Qualified Cebuano artists can take advantage of this opportunity as there is now an increasing number of visual artists in Cebu, market for this kind of work of arts are also increasing.

The Cebu market for paintings has improved significantly, boosted by the appreciation of the younger generation to invest in paintings. The more informed and educated new generation market have started to appreciate the local work of arts through paintings, thus demand is becoming dynamic.

Due to lack of support for the creative craft, serious artists do their own promotional campaigns, and participating exhibitions here and abroad required in order to establish their names.

Cebuano visual artists have potential to be worldwide players, if given the right technical support.

Although Cebuano visual artists are very talented, but they need to have a constant technical training and workshop in order to compete with the world’s visual arts industry.

The Cebuano visual artists should be given the right training and adopt new styles and trends in the world’s visual arts industry.

Cebu, as a tourism destination, should be a good venue for visual artists to make their creations sell to the global market.

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