The information technology-business process outsourcing (IT-BPO) industry expands at a phenomenal pace.

According to the Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPAP), even if the sunshine industry contributes to the economy in a significant way, the communication and technical skill set of Filipinos with the potential to join the growing IT-BPO sector has to be improved.

The current mismatch between what is being taught in schools and what the industry is looking for hinders Philippines from realizing its true potential as a leader in the offshore sector. There is a need to adjust to the rapid growth that the IT-BPO industry is posting. It all starts with quality education.

Only one in 10 who apply for a job in the IT-BPO sector gets employed because the communication and IT skills of the other nine hopefuls fail to make the grade.

Informatics Philippines, a leader in IT education, launched a program called Society for Higher Information Technology Education (SHIFT) with the BPAP that will help improve the odds for the IT applicants, providing the IT-BPO sector with the skilled personnel they need.

That crucial skill set will come through donations and support from the private sector, local government units, non-government organizations, BPO-member companies, students and volunteers. The pooled funds and expertise will then be channeled through the SHIFT program to up-to-date IT education that the country needs to take full advantage of the high demand in the growing IT-BPO industry.

Aside from funds, SHIFT will also facilitate donations of IT equipment and infrastructure as well as software and educational materials. It also hopes to get volunteers to teach IT classes to students and young professionals that will put them in a strong position to take on more competitive and financially rewarding jobs.

The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) has already committed P20 million to kick start the program designed to make more Filipinos eligible to take a high paying job in the BPO-IT industry.

Informatics, for its part, is providing scholarships for IT education, teaching teachers and accepts donations of personal computers that will be used in IT training. It also targets overseas Filipino workers looking for a reason to stay in the country.

The IT sector is not just about the BPO sector. There are other sectors opening up here and abroad. These include the creative and entertainment fields, which will include gaming and mobile phone applications, as well as digital publication and animation.

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