The Business Processing Association of the Philippines reports that the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry in the Philippines is keen on entering new markets. The BPO sector pushes into new markets such as the United Kingdom and Asia-Pacific.

Because of the growth of the Asia-Pacific region, the sector is looking to capitalize on its language and communication capabilities. The biggest demand is for Korean, Japanese and Chinese Mandarin.

Chinese companies are invited to invest in BPO Philippines, and take advantage of highly skilled English-speaking BPO personnel and support for their businesses.

Chinese companies can benefit from offshoring some company functions to the Philippines, especially those processes that China still had to improve. Certain banking and finance functions, for example, could be done out of the Philippines for China’s overseas clients.

China’s service exports are improving, the Philippines can provide strategic recommendations for China’s service export industry to be more competitive. The Chinese market is huge, and requires support from English-speaking countries like the Philippines to serve clients in the West.

A lot of companies in China need BPO services. Chinese firms can bring their BPO business into the country, a third of Philippine BPO operations could be servicing Chinese companies.

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Ho, Abigail. "Chinese firms urged to locate BPO 
functions in Philippines." 8 June 2011.
The Philippine Daily Inquirer. Accessed 9 June 2011.
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