In a previous Outsourcing Opinions article last February 2011, the World Bank invests in Cebu City, Philippines as a major urban center not only in the country but also in the region of East Asia. After months of preparation, one of World Bank’s promised projects is about to start this June 2011.

Cebu City is one of three cities in East Asia that were chosen to serve as pilot areas for the Sustainable Urban Energy Development (SUED) program of the World Bank.

The global development and finance group will help the Cebu City Government implement programs on energy efficiency in six sectors, including transportation and public lighting.

Through a grant, SUED aims to provide a sustainable program for energy efficiency and savings.

The World Bank has identified six key areas for energy efficiency: transportation, buildings, water and waste water, public lighting, solid waste and electric power.

In transportation, World Bank plans to distribute global positioning system or GPS-enabled phones to taxis, public transportation and government-owned vehicles to collect real-time traffic flow and road condition data. The data can be used to more effectively manage road assets, mitigate traffic congestion, and plan for fixed guide for transport systems, such as the proposed Bus Rapid Transport (BRT).

The data will help the City in the implementation of the BRT system, which is expected to operate by 2014.

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