Wonkwang Health Science University (WU) of Iksan, South Korea initiated “WU Global IT Education Program”, an aid project which is a part of “WU Global Initiative Program” for setting up Information Technology education center and program in Cebu.

The Martin Salimbangon Training Center located in the town of Medellin, Cebu is the beneficiary of this aid project.

The program was developed based on Korean IT education, WU sets up workstations including web and mail servers, firewalls needed in the professional education of IT in the Martin Salimbangon Training Center.

This project is a result of the memorandum of understanding for educational support between WU and sixth district Rep. Benhur L. Salimbangon and the Technical Education Skills and Development Authority.

The project focuses on the support of in-kind resources and includes IT educational program and consulting so that practical and long run Official Development Assistance can be made.

Supplied program includes consultation and lectures related to Korean IT education on top of the servers and personal computers.

The project ensures secure educational environment, using open source operating systems and office suites like Ubuntu, Linux and Open Office.

WU has been operating student exchange program since 1999 with Cebu City. WU has hired foreign professors from Cebu and has been giving tremendous amount of efforts to maintain a good relationship between two countries.

The Philippines office of WU established first among Korean institutions manages programs such as Junior English Program, ESL, field practice and voluntary services and Global Human Resource Development.

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sets up IT education center in Cebu."
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