Cebu takes the lead in aiming for a large chunk of the trillion-dollar global creative industry with an aggressive move to professionalize and strengthen the huge potential of Cebu’s creative sector.

With the Department of Trade and Industry-Cebu Provincial Office, Cebu’s creative industry will gain attention and focus during the first “Cebu Creative Industries Summit” on June 21 to 22 (2011), one of the highlights of the 15th Cebu Business Month (CBM 2011).

The Creative Industries sector in the Philippines is one of the nation’s priority sectors for development and promotion.

This is anchored on the belief that creativity is the new driver for growth in Cebu’s economy: the engine that will sustain different enterprises.

Cebu’s products have become popular and accepted globally for their creativity and innovativeness. Renowned designers, like as Kenneth Cobonpue and Movement 8, it is the perfect time to provide full support for the development of Cebu’s creative industries sector players.

In light of the importance placed in the Creative Industries as emerging economic driver specifially for Cebu, several government and private sector initiatives have started such as the inclusion of the Creative Industries as priority sector in the Philippine Export Development Plan (PEDP).

The Creative industries is also recognized as a priority in the Investment Priorities Plan (PPP), of the Board of Investments, the Arangkada 2010 Report and Advocacy Paper of the Joint Foreign Chambers of the Philippines, and other regional and development programs and plans.

There is a pending bill in the Senate entitled “The Creative Industries Act.”

The creation of Cebu’s Creative Industries group will initially focus on group segments, based on the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) classification of creative industries.

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