Janette Toral of Digital Filipino shares insights from an interview with digital strategist and consultant Lawrence Villegas on why entrepreneurs and enterprises should considering to work with bloggers to expand their products/services/brands’ prominence online.

Working with bloggers can help your search engine marketing campaign in building a solid online presence for your business’ reputation or brand.

Involving bloggers in your marketing activities can help create that presence and be visible in search engine results.

As more people use the Internet and search engines to actively look for information regarding products they’re interested to purchase, bloggers have a big role in creating such interest as well as search engine visibility.

In working with bloggers, enterprises must remember that they are not to be treated like mass media. They are consumers to be engaged on a personal level as they are quick in giving feedback about their experiences with products and services.

Don’t consider tapping only the top bloggers for your brand campaign. One must be aware that today’s top blogger may no longer be same tomorrow.

Instead of looking into who is on top, brands tap on those bloggers who are positively lovers and staunch supporters of the brand. If they are enthusiastic about the brand, that is more important rather than just being popular in a category.

As bloggers write from a personal perspective; they are practically consumers with influence on their friends and networks. People love to read authentic, original content written by real consumers rather than brands and people trust fellow consumers’ recommendations, more than canned advertising.

There are many ways where brands can work with bloggers and tap them to speak for them to the public– the creative use of videos, images, and writing. Brands need this creativity to remain constantly relevant.

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