Cebu has emerged as a tourist destination,  as the ICT/BPO capital of the country, even besting India, and the entrepreneurial spirit of its leaders and workers, driving development and progress.

The Cebu Chamber of Commerce, in further pursuing its vision as the “Engine of Cebu’s Business Growth Towards Global Competitiveness”, highlights, celebrates, and inspires the Cebu business community by stimulating enterprises to advance to the next level in this year’s Cebu Business Month (CBM) 2011 .

This year’s CBM theme “business beyond boundaries” Focus on continuing the business momentum.

CBM 2011 shall

a) culminate the CBM 2010 year-long events;
b) launch the CBM 2011 follow-through business support activities;
c) and celebrate the business successes by recognizing outstanding entrepreneurs, institutions, and organizations.

The CBM 2011 introduces more support programs for these key industries: Tourism, Information and Communication Technology and Business Process Outsourcing (ICT/BPO), Entrepreneurship (MSMEs) and other growing and emerging industries.

The tourism thrust encourages multi-stakeholder participation through awareness campaign. It aims to commercialize new tourism program concepts such as Hop-On/Hop/Off, Sunset Cruise and Eco-Tour. It shall help develop the downstream tourism-related business opportunities, especially in the areas of medical tourism, retirement haven and other micro tourism enterprises.

The ICT/BPO thrust organizes events to support the growth of the industry in terms of infrastructure (communication and real estate) and human capital through academe linkages and financing. The committee shall collaborate with the different IT organizations to support the downstream opportunities, including entrepreneurship in the ICT/BPO industry, creative content and other IT business potentials.

For the Entrepreneurs and (MSMEs) and other growing and emerging industries, “The Next Level EntrePinoys,” the Entrepreneurship event shall foster benchmarking by continuing its institutionalized programs, such as “Meet the Business Icons and Trails of Success” featuring rags-to-riches entrepreneurs.

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