The construction of a submarine cable owned by a group of telecommunications companies in the Asia-Pacific region started this month.

The Southeast Asia-Japan Cable (SJC) cable system will significantly increase the amount of Internet bandwidth to deliver better broadband services to consumers across the region.

First announced in December 2009, the cable was initially planned to be 8,300 kilometers in length, linking five countries and territories.

SJC’s length has since been lengthened to 8,900 kilometers, extendable to up to 10,700 kilometers, linking eight countries (Brunei, China/Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, The Philippines, and the United States.) and territories while supporting an initial design capacity of over 15 terabits per second.

The need to deliver higher-quality services to household and business clients, particularly the region’s growing business process outsourcing (BPO) sector.

There is continued explosive growth in broadband and Internet use both in consumer and business segments. The SJC system will help fuel broadband penetration and use of Internet-enabled handsets.

Once completed within two years, the SJC will be the highest-capacity submarine cable system in the world.


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