Noting the Cebu City National Science High School’s sterling reputation in the fields of science and mathematics, technology company Lexmark Research and Development Corp. (LRDC) and Lexmark International Philippines Inc. (LIPI) handed over a check has decided to grant PhP4 million (USD92,000) for the improvement of the its science and mathematics programs.

Lexmark, as a technology company, hires the best minds in science and mathematics.

Lexmark has had a long history of social responsibility, often giving back to communities that its companies are based. The LRDC grant was given to the school so they could fund the Lexmark Science and eResearch laboratory.

The laboratories are expected to be equipped with the best learning modules and lab kits.

The Cebu City National Science High School plans to use the funds to improve their curriculum and facilities, refurbish the campus chemistry and physics lab as well as create an E-research laboratory for their students.

The Cebu City National Science High School will continue the tradition of excellent education, keeping a good track record in science and mathematics. The school will work in coordination with their Parents-Teachers Association to sustain the project.

Lexmark expects the laboratory and curriculum adjustments to improve the students’ mean percentage scores in regional and national achievement tests.

The E-research laboratory is also designed to increase students’ interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Though Lexmark is a technology company, Lexmark Cebu’s Shared Services Center employ workers with all kinds of degrees.

Students who are creative, self-motivated, energetic and do their best with their work are those who do well.


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