Unified communications is the integration of real-time communication services, an ideal managed service for enterprises and corporations.

Telecommunications companies in Cebu, Philippines— in providing subscription bundles fit for businesses, goes one level further in giving services that would integrate voice and data applications using a single network.

Unified communications is ideal for companies with mobile workers in multiple sites, such as those in retail and distribution. The system accesses desktops, video, social media, video conferencing, instant messaging and basic landlines in a single interface

Unified communications can have a  suite of solutions can measure the number of calls directed at a single line, how busy trunk lines are and how long phone conversations last. A virtual conference room can be set up for workers who are assigned in different areas and files can be easily sent to these employees via video.

Organizations currently running on IP virtual private network (VPN) will find use for unified communications.

Unified communications allows the collaborated use of telephony, conferencing and messaging. The system manages all communication devices, from the simplest devices such as landlines or analog radios, to the most advanced laptops and smart phones, to work together in synchronicity.

As clients demand more, the service addresses challenges in communications for mobile workers. Many employers report difficulty in reaching their mobile workers on the first try, at least on a weekly basis.

Nearly all have missed deadlines at one point or another because of this problem. Such problems cause delay in projects because the inability to generate informed decisions.

With unified communications, there is no cost for the equipment because these are included in the subscription payments. Costs for the service can vary because the solutions are customized to requirements requested by the client.

The estimated service fee for unified communications would not exceed PhP70, 000 (USD1, 600) for 15 to 20 users per month. A normal contract period would take 36 months and would include bandwidth as well as equipment.

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