Student engineering projects that utilizes telecommunications technology and applications for modern needs have been recognized in the recent 7th Smart Wireless Engineering and Education Program (Sweep) Innovation and Excellence Awards in the SMX Convention Center at the SM Mall of Asia.

These student projects only highlight the innovative intelligence and level of skill and capabilities for students enrolled in various university campuses in the Philippines.

Know more of the projects this year, to follow.

3D: Dengue Detecting Device is the project from the student team from Bulacan State University (BSU) which automates and speeds up the detection of dengue through blood platelet counting, using a portable capturing device that connected via mobile Internet to a digital analyzer machine.

Holy Cross of Davao College presented its system that automatically alerts maritime authorities in cases of overloading of vessels. The system uses sensors to detect overloading of ships and then automatically warns authorities through text messages.

The team from Batangas State University created a drip irrigation system that used GSM technology and various sensors. The Smart Farmbihira system is capable of automatically watering and fertilizing a plantation at a set time or manually through a text message.

The system also notifies the farmer on the condition of the soil and the harvest time of the crop. With the win, the student team led by Josephine Medina got P150,000 in cash through Smart Money while the school won P150,000 in grants.

A University of Baguio project uses the force of vehicles passing through a street to generate electricity to light up street lamps.

Cebu was represented by a team from the University of San Carlos (USC), which submitted a system that used sensors and telecommunications technology to warn forestry officials in cases of illegal logging.

The Preventive Illegal Logging Monitoring Endeavor (Prime) used monitors to detect chainsaw sounds and SMS and GSM technology to send out alerts. Whenever an alert is triggered, the system initiates a phone call to a designated recipient so that the person can listen and confirm whether the sound is really that of a chainsaw.

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Limpag, Max. “Students win awards in mobile tech.” 13 March 2011. Sun Star Cebu. Accessed 14 March 2011. Link Here.


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