Cloud [computing] is just outsourcing. You can rely on knowledge of how you do outsourcing to an extent – there is enough there to help you, as long as you remember the seven deadly sins [of cloud computing].”

— Adrian Davis, principal research analyst, Information Security Forum.

Read more and know what these seven deadly sins are…

When it comes to cloud computing and IT security, professionals and organizations in the business can commit the following:

1. Ignorance, where no one in the company knows or cares if there are cloud services present in the business.

2. Ambiguity, regarding  security requirements in contracts, service level agreements (SLAs) and end-user licence agreements (EULAs).

3. Trespassing/Breaching the laws or regulations apply when using the cloud services.

4. Doubt/s, caused by not knowing if the cloud service provider is doing what it says it is doing in terms of security.

5. Disregard, by individuals in the organization for information security and information management policies.

6. Conceit, that an organization’s IT infrastructure and information security architecture can handle cloud data.

7. Complacency, that cloud computing is unbreakable.


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Nguyen, Ahn. “Cloud computing is just Outsourcing.” 21 February 2011. CIO Website. Accessed 3 March 2011. Link Here.


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