With a name well-renowned around the world as a school that produces good commercial pilots, Aviatour Flight School vows to raise the bar in providing quality training then ultimately push  Cebu, Philippines as the best flight school global hub.

Because of the Philippines’ good weather, central location, and cost efficiency, it is considered as one of the best training grounds for student pilots.

Aviatour doubles its effort to make the Philippines as the center for flight training, especially in providing commercial pilots. The school is also partnering with 20 airlines worldwide to give assurance of employment to its graduates.

Aviatour is a full-service general aviation service provider headquartered in Cebu with offices and operations in other key cities in the Philippines, and United States.

At present, Aviatour has three flight schools: one in Cebu (Philippines), a school in Texas (U.S.A.) and and another in Long Beach, California (U.S.A.).

Aside from offering a world-class quality flight school, the company also has several related services such as flight tours, chartered flights, and brokerage and aircraft repairs.

The flight school, which was established about three years ago in Cebu, already provided over a hundred quality pilots in different countries across the globe.

Although the interest of some Filipinos wanting to become a commercial pilot is increasing, the school has continuously attracted foreign students to take their training in Cebu.

The demand for commercial pilots is picking up. In Asia especially, the industry needs at least a thousand of pilots a year.

The Philippines, because of the budget airline popularity, needs at least 70 commercial pilots a year.

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