The World Bank (WB) funds two projects for Cebu City, Philippines that will support and complement the development of the city’s Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system.

The WB-funded projects are a sustainable energy development program and the mobile vehicle probes demonstration for urban transport planning and management.

The WB only waits the official agreement with the City to start the two projects next month.

For the energy development program, WB assist help the City Government formulate long-term urban energy strategies, in line with the City’s overall development plan.

In the project’s concept note, the project team of WB works with international and local consultantsto collect data and assess the city’s energy balance and energy efficiency potential in six areas: transportation, buildings, water and wastewater, public lighting, solid waste, power and heat.

From the gathered data, the WB will prepare an urban energy roadmap for the City.

The second project will use pre-programmed smart phones as probes to collect data on traffic condition. The project provides local transport planners with a low-cost, simple means to collect real time travel time and potentially road condition data, which can be used to more effectively managed road assets and mitigate traffic congestion.

These mobile probes will be installed in taxis, public transport, and government-owned vehicles, and through the use of open-source mapping platform software, such as GoogleMaps, traffic planners can achieve an exponentially more accurate picture of congestion and fuel efficiency with only a fraction of the resources.

Five hundred vehicles or taxi units in the city will be installed with devices that collect transport data and travel model updates.

The data gathered will improve the design and demonstration value of the proposed Cebu City BRT System.

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