The Department of Science and Technology-Science Education Institute (DOST-SEI) intensifies efforts to improve science and technology talents in the Philippines, through the scholarship support of students to become good scientists and engineers in the future.

The Science and Technology Scholarship of SEI is DOST’s contribution to the country’s human resources in the science and technology sector to focuse on research and development.

Talented and deserving high school graduates in the Philippines are provided opportunities to pursue four or five year baccalaureate degrees in priority science and technology fields.

Among these science and technology fields, include applied mathematics; applied physics; biochemistry; biology; chemistry with applied computer systems; chemistry with materials science and engineering;chemical engineering; chemistry; civil engineering; computational science; computer engineering; computer science; electrical engineering; electronics and communications engineering; industrial engineering; industrial management engineering- IT; information technology; manufacturing engineering management-biomedical engineering; physics with materials science and engineering; science teaching; and statistics.

The SEI’s scholar graduates can become a driving force as they could take part in the leadership in the academe, industry and government, or esteemed by the peers as creators of knowledge and technologies.

Graduates from these fields could take active participation and leadership roles in S&T development in the areas of research and development, production, and technology-based entrepreneurship.

The scholarship awardees are selected on the basis of their performance in the national scholarship examination. Scholarship privileges include tuition and other school fees, monthly stipend, book allowance, P
E or NSTP uniform allowance; free transportation for one economy-class round trip fare for those studying outside their home province; group health and accident insurance; and post-graduation clothing allowance.

Even during summer, students who are required to take up subjects in this period could get monthly living allowance, tuition and other school fees and book allowance.

After graduation, scholars are bound to serve in the country, not necessarily in the government, with the corresponding years they have enjoyed the scholarship.

To date, the DOST has produced more than 10,000 graduates since 1959 or a year after the National Science Development Board, the precursor of DOST, was created.

Building the human capacity is seen as a crucial factor in S&T innovation. The programs of SEI, together with those of the academe, form the base of a sustainable S&T innovation system adopted by the DOST.

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Dagooc, Ehda. “DOST-SEI offers scholarships to beef up PHL workforce.” 14 February 2011. Cebu’s The Freeman. Accessed 14 February 2011. Link Here.


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