How is it possible for popular speakers, or writers, to grab the attention of their audiences?

When marketing a product or service, you would want absolutely pull and hold people’s concentration on your spiel to make a sale or close a deal. How to do it effectively is the question.

The conceptualization and communication of effective marketing messages requires skill and experience in order to be learned and mastered. Here are four C’s of communication to make your marketing effective: 1) credibility, 2) comprehension, 3) connection and 4) contagiousness.


I think credibility is a very critical aspect, both in communication and marketing so that’s why I believe one should establish it first. If your audience don’t easily grasp your marketing message, it’s probably because they don’t find certain things in your message credible.

Credibility springs from one’s capacity to convince your audience to believe in your marketing message. Making them believe your marketing message would depend on three factors: what is the message, who said or wrote the message, and how the message was conveyed.


After your message’s credibility in ensured, the next goal in a marketing message is to provide the public full comprehension of your point. One way to know if they are able to understand you is when they are able to repeat or reiterate what you said.

Proper comprehension is ensured if your message is clear, sharp and simple. Do not go for words or phrases that are too deep or confusing for your audience.


Through your message, you need to make a connection to your audience. A connection would not only mean being able to send your message across, rather it is to impart your message with meaning and significance of the message to your audience. Your message should trigger emotional responses– anger, happiness, excitement, et cetera. It is a necessity to spark interest in every audience, to drive them to action.


Contagiousness is another very important aspect in effective messages. When a marketing message aims for contagiousness, the audience spreads and echoes the message. Motivate your audience to repeat, spread, reenact your words to others.


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