The Philippines is finding its way to take advantage the US$26 billion translation outsourcing market.

Asia is becoming more attractive for the world’s fast growing translation firms to set up their hubs in Cebu.

These firms are hiring people who have multi-lingual skills specifically Mandarin-Chinese, Japanese, Korean, with excellent communication and writing skills on English language.

Multinational translation service is different from the call center operation, and it is regarded as high-value outsourcing service.

Although the translation outsourcing is still new in the Philippine outsourcing industry, the country can leverage on this particular service because of the quality of talent resources the country has.

Also its strategic location in Asia can also be advantageous for organizations which are into tourism and travel.

The Philippines has direct links and sisterhood pacts to cities in Indonesia, China, Japan and South Korea. Yearly, Chinese, Japanese and South Korean students, tourists and entrepreneurs travel to Cebu to engage in social and economical purposes.


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