As the head of your enterprise with an outsourcing partner or executive in your organization in-charge of an outsourced project, a lot is riding on you in achieving success for your project.

Here are some resolutions for you to do to get more from your outsourcing deals this year, with less stress.



#1 Be honest and realistic with expectations in outsourcing.

#2 Treat your services provider as you would treat yourself.

#3 Strategize for the success of long-term goals while dealing with short-term issues.

#4 Aim for standardization with your services provider.

#5 Say what you mean, what you need to your services provider.

#6 Be prudent, particularly with popular, emerging technology and services.

#7 Be more hands-on, on-site and involved in regular governance reviews.

#8 Pay attention to your bills with services provider.

#9 Measure what matters.

#10 Seek out the best services provider as you partner.

#11 Be energetic. Always have hope for the future of your enterprise.


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Overby, Stephanie. “11 Outsourcing Resolutions You Should Make in 2011.” 22 December 2010. CIO Website. Accessed 1 January 2011. Link Here.



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